Yi Liu

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PhD Student
Advisor: Cong Wang, and Xingliang Yuan
Department of Computer Science
City University and Hong Kong
Contact: 97liuyi@ieee.org
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Short Bio

He received the B.Eng degree from the Heilongjiang University, China in 2019 (Early Graduation Base On Academic Excellence).



  • B.E., School of Data Science and Technology, Heilongjiang University, Harbin, China, Aug. 2016 - Sept. 2019 (Early Graduation Base On Academic Excellence).

Research Interests

  • Privacy and Security (AI security, federated learning, and machine unlearning)

  • Edge AI and Computing (federated learning, communication-efficient edge learning)

  • Data Science and AI (data pricing, high-dimensional estimation, and learning to optimize)

  • Wireless Communications and Networking (5G and beyond, AIoT)

Selected Publications

  • Privacy and Security

    • [INFOCOM’22] Yi Liu, Lei Xu, Xingliang Yuan, Cong Wang, and Bo Li, “The Right to be Forgotten in Federated Learning: An Efficient Realization with Rapid Retraining”, in Proc. of INFOCOM, 2022.

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